About Me

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, I have spent my life connected to the creative side of things. I started out in fine art, sculpting, painting, sketching—always exploring different mediums to visually present things. No matter where it took me, I loved getting into whatever I was doing.

I began pursuing graphic design as another outlet of expression which lead me to UI design. I was hooked. Not only did I love it, I could learn from people using what I created, iterate on my designs and most importantly, help people in the process.

I really enjoy working through each part of the design process and have had the luxury of doing so throughout my career. In my previous role as the Creative Director at Strutta, I lead the team through every aspect of design from branding to the admin dashboard and promotional sites. I also managed the design team and helped shape the future direction of the platform.

Currently I am the Sr. UI Designer for Product at Mobify. My days are multi-faceted and typically include everything from sketching to fleshing out the IA, mocking up user flows, building out the front-end, whiteboarding and stakeholder meetings. In addition to production design I also really enjoy the process of design thinking.

I love what I do and I believe in doing it well. I have a lot to learn and equally, a lot I would like to contribute. I want to collaborate with companies, people… anyone really, that totally take it on, keep it in perspective and at the end of the day, are inspired by helping others.

In my free time you will either find me pouring espresso, outside with my camera, camping, traveling, or laughing with my family and friends.